Classic of China is a blog written and maintained by Dr. Sophia Kidd. In the canon of classical Chinese literature, there are many important books labelled as classics. China’s traditional intellectual milieu is comprised of a triad of epistemological paradigms known as sanjiao 三教 [Three Teachings] including teachings from Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist classics. The orthodox Confucian canon is archived in the Si ku quan shu 四库全书. Classics ( jing 经) are only one of four types of books that make up China’s entire classical canon, which also includes histories (shi 史), collections (ji 集) and philosophy/art/science texts (zi 子). Classic of China is a blog the scope of which will extend far beyond what is traditionally connoted by the word “classic”, and as such goes beyond the entire classical Chinese canon. Classic of China includes not only textual traditions, but also lived immediacies. That is, looking at and writing about that which is ‘classic’ China is valuable as a way of seeing and un-seeing a country and culture that is often seen as monolithic; but in reality is in a state of grand flux.

Presently Associate Research Fellow at Sichuan University; Dr. Sophia Kidd has also been visiting lecturer at Goettingen University and Ruhr-Universitaat Bochum, both in Germany. In 2016, she graduated with her PhD in Classical Chinese Literature at Sichuan University in the Peoples Republic of China. Her research areas include Chinese literature, history, geography, religion, art, and philosophy. Her focus is on an integration of classical Chinese knowledge areas with contemporary Chinese art and cultural studies in order to substantively facilitate international cultural exchange. Her upcoming book with Palgrave Macmillan, Culture Paves the New Silk Roads, focuses on the role of people-to-people connections, cultural diplomacy, and creative industries in building these overland and maritime networks of trade routes.

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  1. Dear Sophia,
    Best Wishes for this New Year and hope you settle again and look forward to your reports.

    Working myself towards, if all goes well, to Mexico (April) and Kassel (June) at the moment.
    Stay safe and healthy, Peter


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